never had enough skill to draw suckers good enough. btw continue to fanart lollipop chainsaw. wrong time again. 

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Lollipop Chainsaw Juliet Starling Statue by ~chriswalsh

Nick was messing up with make-up again. What a dork.

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Nick: Juliet, where are we going?
Juliet: I need to find Morikawa Sensei. He'll know what to do!
Nick: Who's that?
Juliet: Morikawa Sensei! He's my sensei!
Nick: A sensei? a teacher?
Juliet: I didn't know you spoke Japanese, Nick!
Nick: Well, I--
Juliet: Waa Sugoi! Watashi no nihongo wo hanashi masu.
Nick: I can't speak Japanese, Juliet, I just know that one word.
Juliet: Aw, your simple innocence is one of the most attractive things about you!
Nick: Uh... yeah.
Juliet: Aww, you're like a kitten! A kitten that doesn't speak Japanese.
Nick: Yeah, okay.

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Did ya miss my Lollipop Chainsaw art guys? I’ve finally managed to do something more than a simple sketch. God bless this OTP!

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For Anerkagy Cheer up, bro. Everything is going to be just fine.

Sorry for not asking you permission to color this piece, but hot damn it was too adorable. Can’t resist - must color. Your Juliet is such a cuttie sheesh.

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I adore you, Nick

Looks like I have new otp, guys. Lollipop Chainsaw ftw
P.S. moar sparkles!

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