Daffy has hard times dealing with dealers those  days/

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I’ve been up for this since I dont know/ I start watching flapjack I guess/ 

Basically I’m still out but I’ll drop some news and sketches here anyway/
 Okay. Im not sure how to put it right but i’ll try/ So while me and my parents were out for a week or so to deal with our familly issues(nevermind it) I had just enough time to watch/read and practice in stuff I had no time to before/ Fineshed with most if eene seasons/specials  and shit I dropped on my laptop in a hurry. Still thinks it has the best quality animation fo tv, ok. Tried watching lots of disney movies: classic ones - new ones/ Not gonna say 3d-one is worser or anything but iy sure loses for me in comparing. What was I rewatching to calm myself? Uh yeah “Iron gaint”. Dat was some good stuff on my harddisk that evening/ Talking abouts good stuff, guys/ While you know I can’t sit watch one cartoon I better go pick 3 or 5 at the same time. This time I picked Misadventures of Flapjack. Why? Okay. I remember I was watching some top 10 annoying chars on youtube and Flap took the 6th or the 7th place. Does it matter. I recalled that Ive watched a couple of episodes back when I was not into cartoons and dropped it. Well I decided to give this show a second  chance. And oh boy that was one wise decision. Youve probably  had already noticed that I’m all into good old classic a jerk and a retard duet. SO no surprise for me with this show. Like it was with ren and stimpy, dan vs. and later with two eds (you know who). 2nd thing is no-no, not the animation itself (which is fine) but all john k-loke closeups, rather grotesque and darkthemed gags for a kids show. Stuff I like and appreciate in a cartoon the most. W-wait. Enough of this nerdy talk. 
Also this week was great for my inking practice. I think that’s all folks/

I woke up and realised that i have another wip for all good girls and boys/ 

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wow roller you suck in drawing cars and stuff but who cares? it’s a wip after all

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i have no idea/ i was bored/ btw you guys here sure like adultshit with eds/

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morning sketches. i have no fucking idea how dan’s style works still its fine with me until i have fun sketching shit out of bros/ i’m always late to come into new fandoms/ 

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yes, i do/ 
not sleeping tonight. 

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sometimes I have this spontaneous urge to sketch ren. why souldn’t I?
using the same poses. who cares/

well..hey there again, insomnia.
not enough Tak on my blog/

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I don’t know anymore. at least it was a good coloring practice. 

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when I said I ship them I meant something like this. like eating each other. you know. for fun. cause it’s fun. what? 

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So after Anerkagy once showed me this I can’t get rid of the idea of Almighty Tallest being mantis and shit. So after not so long fight with myself I decided to go google mantis for referance and draw shit out of them  cause those fellas are motherfucking cute. And this’s kinda disturbing and surprising for me since I’m a big wuss and had a fear of insects since I was a lil girl. And yeah I put Almighty Tallest’s armor on them cause it makes them look even more charming. Am I typing this? I guess it’s all for now. 


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I really like my pals. Meet Anerkagy the shota-bro.

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was cleaning old stuff. found sketches of chrona from 2010 i guess (maybe  earlier) redraw them cause yes this is the best thing I can come with now. 

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